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New Pirate Merchandise Available!
Help support the refitting of the "Pirata Del Lago" and get these great items.
3" X 4" Sticker "Great Lakes River Pirate" Ensign$2.00
3" X 11" "Pirata Del Lago" Bumper Sticker$6.00
"Great Lakes River Pirate" Pewter Medallion$10.00
10-12 oz. Stoneware Mug (Colors may vary)$15.00
New "Pirata Del Lago" T-shirts (Sizes: S, M, L, XL)*$18.00
New Baby Doll T-shirts (Sizes: S, M in Blue or Pink)$18.00

To order, contact Captn. McCrary: BadPirate2005[at]yahoo.com
* 'Pirata del Lago' T-shirts available at $15.00/ea for orders of two or more.

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