The Pirata del Lago awaits her crew at sunrise on Lake Michigan at the 2007 Pike River Rendezvous.
    The sloop Pirata del Lago is a living history interpretational/reenactment vessel, first and foremost. A 23' LOA bermuda-rigged sloop refit to a cutter-rig with plans for a gaff-rigged mainsail in the works. She is refit to be an 18th Century dispatch gunboat or merchant cutter. We emphasize period sail and mock battles with an emphasis on privateering, trade, and of course, piracy!

The Raith plys the waters on the Milwaukee River in Saukville, WI at the 2004 Crossroads Rendezvous.
    A true river-craft of the 18th century, the Raith is a batteau constructed of wide planks with a flat bottom for a shallow draft and a sharp-pointed hull both fore and aft for cutting through a strong current. Outfitted with swivel guns and muskets, the batteau makes a formidable foe and a solid workhorse whether under sail or oar power.

Lieutenant Tracy Garland and Captain Jay Henderson fight the current at the 2004 Crossroads Rendezvous.
    Tantrum is a dorry built by Jay Henderson. The dorry is a versatile craft with a flat bottom like the batteau but sporting a wedged transom at the stern for more stability in swells. Just as often pressed to work as a river craft, for shore-fishing in the Atlantic, or as a work boat on large ocean-going vessels.

Lieutenant Garland rides the current in the II on the Ohio River.

Catspaw awaits the dawn on the shores of Lake Michigan during the 2008 Pike River Rendezvous.
    Catspaw is a 1750 punt/scow built by 2nd Lt. Jake "Lith" Weller. The punt is a cargo- and troop-transport craft with a bluff bow and stern outfitted with decking for easy transfer and lading of goods on the inland rivers of the Midwest.

Pyrate Swano plies the narrow waterways of Illinois in Thorn while Capn Henderson looks on with a critical eye from his perch in II.

Captain Jay Henderson fights the surf in II as he paddles out to our flagship at the 2007 Pike River Rendezvous.
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